LGM is written and directed by Ramesh Thamilmani and produced by Dhoni Entertainment. This is Dhoni Entertainment’s debut production. Sakshi Dhoni is said to have contributed in the writing process.

Like in any part of India, cricket and cinema rule the perch. When they do marry, the success stories have been very limited. MSD decided to cash in on his stupendous popularity in TN and venture into the movie business in a movie crazy state. Well, his plan looks alright but the team that he decided to head has let him down big time and unfortunately there is no Dhoni in the field to save this film from a catastrophe that it turns out to be. A few minutes into the film, the cinematographer gets the choicest abuse as the film looks over exposed and the frames would make a novice wince. The plot sounds interesting on paper. But that is where it should have been left to be. The screenplay is as formulaic as it can get and when it gets to the real deal setting stage for the second half, it gets worse. A patch up that happens over just a few Long Island Ice Teas is frosty as it can get. Then there is an animal that is brought to “thrill” the proceedings and that is the icing on the already thawed cake.

Harish Kalyan is a talented actor but has little to do save to look confused. Ivana looks template and disinterested. Nadhiya is the one who peps up proceedings. The rest are just caricatures.

Technically the film is found wanting on all counts. Poor production values make it for sordid viewing. Viswajith Odukkathil’s cinematography is dismal. Ramesh Thamilmani’s background score leaves a lot to be desired while the songs are okayish. Editing by Pradeep Raghav is listless. Dialogues are standard and direction average.

LGM is Dhoni’s duck on debut !!



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