JOSHUA – IMAI POI KAAKHA is an action thriller film written and directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, and produced by Ishari K. Ganesh under Vels Film International. The film began production in late 2019 but concluded only in 2021-2022, following delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic..

GVM is a brand in Tamil cinema and his films have always generated the buzz that is worthy of the film maker that he is. Action films aren’t new to him but this kind of a “Bond” film is a fresh attempt. Just like in the Bond movies you get the name Bond repeatedly heard, here the name Joshua keeps ringing all the time, be it in the song or even during a conversation. Perhaps the reason is to educate the viewer to not activate their brain to the senseless logic that pervades all over the narration. The romance fizzles out as soon as it begins and it gets reignited too without any spark. GVM who is adept with romance scores a zero here. What is amusing is the fact that there are so many action blocks that get underappreciated for its illogical setting. Above all the plot is flimsy and the sequences purportedly to aid the plot are even more irrational. Imagine a 100 killed in a city like Chennai and you do not get to see a single person in a police uniform, that is how absurd this action flick is.

Varun does well in action scenes, but then falters when it comes to emoting. Raahei looks confused most of the times. Krishna is good in a short role. Dhivyadarshini takes time to settle down.

SR. Kathir’s cinematography works in parts. Background score by Karthik is effective and the songs though decent do not work on the screen. Dialogues are OK. Editing by Anthony doesn’t quite click. Direction is underwhelming.

JOSHUA is a jostled attempt !!



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