Iraivan is a 2023 Tamil-language psychological action thriller film written and directed by I. Ahmed. It is produced by Sudhan Sundaram and G. Jayaram under Passion Studios.

Iraivan begins rather in an underwhelming manner and it takes a good 30 minutes for the film to get into its groove. The first 30 minutes look like a series of trailers of various psycho action films. Now, the film takes cover under the predictable psyco template where intelligence is sacrificed for useless action. There are a few interesting knots that keep the audience invested but the script writer in Ahmed fails to weave it into a solid story relying on an often tried, very tired and sluggish narrative. The film has a decent production design and that helps the film a lot in camouflaging the inexperience of the director in handling such an intense subject. The parallel romance between Ravi and Nayanthara is a downer amidst the rampant killings and gore. The viewer cannot help but notice the underlying appreciation bereft of logic for the psychopaths.

Jayam Ravi, grim faced throughout doesn’t make an impression. Nayanthara is her usual self. Rahul Bose is brilliant. Vinoth Kishan’s takes it to the extreme with his performance but the character is so shallow.

Hari Vedantam’s cinematography is fine. Yuvan’s background score is OK while the songs are uninteresting. Manikanda Balaji’s editing is decent. Dialogues are OK while direction is standard.

IRAIVAN gets lost in the science of logic !



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