HITLIST is a crime thriller produced by RK Celluloids. The film is written and directed by Soorya Kathir Kakkallar and Karthikeyan.

HITLIST makes a decent start, though there are parts where it does feel lazy and unimpressive. The twist works and the expectations rise as the film traverses an interesting chase. But the nonchalance of the characters and the lackadaisical response to the situation on hand is a downer. The suspense beyond a point can clearly be anticipated as the cards collapse in a predictable fashion . The supposed secret bend that would be exposed at the climax doesn’t quite surprise as it was very evident during the narration. The reveals are all what you have seen in many films and in some ways is closest to “Adangamaru”.

Vijay Kanishka has put in some decent work. Sarath Kumar looks sluggish for the most part. Gowtham Menon does his bit while Sithara is OK.

Ramcharan’s cinematography is OK while Sathya C behind the musical score keeps it taut. John Abraham’s editing is OK while dialogues are standard. Direction is quite average.

HITLIST scores a lot of misses !!



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