FAST X (also known as Fast & Furious 10) is an American action film directed by Louis Leterrier from a screenplay by Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin, based on a story by Mazeau, Lin, and Zach Dean. It is the sequel to F9 (2021), the first part of the final installment in the mainline Fast & Furious franchise, and the eleventh installment overall.

As you crawl your way to the parking lot of a multiplex and park your car. You very well remind yourself of not just keeping the parking ticket safe in your wallet or wherever secure, but also ensure that your brains are parked in the boot of the car before locking the car and jaunting your way into the theatre with an excited smile on your face to see what could be a visual spectacle that is replete with mindless action that could bamboozle a 6 year kid. But then you paid up for this very reason and you very well know what to expect. The only curiosity would be to know the assortment of the craziest cars bundled with unbelievable features that would put a war plane to shame and yet would be the dopamine to your already buoyant head devoid of most of its brain, safe in your ordinary car yawning in the parking lot.

You have some story in the film, that begins with a flash back, fortunately for a villain this time and who vows to defeat the hero and his band of quirks. Like most dumb villains, who fail to just shoot their enemies in the head and instead want to avenge the revenge by being savage, they end up like how we all know. The action scenes are a continuity of the past and offer nothing drastically different and doesn’t electrify. It is left to the aerial shots to bring in some awe for a few fleeting moments. Humour, slaptstick most of the times isn’t as clever as the cars in the film. The hierarchy is carefully explained for the first timers as well as for people who might have forgotten the architecture of characters. There are a lot characters that keep popping up with smart cameos and disappear faster than the popcorn in your bucket. The conflict between the melodrama and audacity keeps the viewer perplexed than interested.
Jason Momoa impresses with a psychotic and yet amusing performance that lights up the screenplay with his strong performance. A jaded and old Vin Diesel doesn’t impress in this not much to do role. John Cena is OK. Pete Davidson is entertaining in his short role. Charlize Theron, Nathalie, Michelle and Brie Larson are good.

Stephen Windon’s cinematography is ably helped by CGI works. Brian Tyler’s background score is easily forgotten. Dylan, Kelly. Laura and Corbin edit the film and they make it crisp. Dialogues are perfunctory. Direction is run of the mill.

FAST X is an action yeast.



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