Produced by SP Chowthari Driver Jamuna is written and directed by Kinslin. This film was to release couple of months back but got postponed and finally gets a release.

A supposedly thriller the film takes much longer to engage the audience. There are hardly any thrill moments and the ones that are short and few. It takes a while before the viewer feels invested into the proceedings. A few emotional scenes work and the towards the end the script gets a bit tighter making for interesting proceedings. On the whole the film takes its own time to establish itself when it could have done away with some of its incessant rituals.

Aishwarya Rajesh gives a decent performance. Naren and Bharathi are good. The rest are OK.

Gokul Benoy’s cinematography is fine. Ghibran’s background score works well. Editing could have been sharper. Dialogues are OK and direction decent.

DRIVER JAMUNA is a lazy drive !!



B.U. Shreesha

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