DD RETURNS is a horror comedy written and directed by Prem Anand. The film has nothing to do with the earlier film under the same name. DD RETURNS is produced by RK Entertainment.

Horror comedies can be as incongruous as it can get and this film is no exception. The makers make it clear at the outset itself as a ridiculous plot gets enacted on screen. The predictability is very evident as the outrageous screenplay progresses. But what works for the film are the intermittent periods of comic warfare with a plethora of characters pulling each other down. Yet there are many jokes that don’t make the cut. The writing is more or less taut and the screenplay keeps the audience engaging with wit, humour and sarcasm in enough doses.

Santhanam actually is the weak link here. Though the typical comic ensemble star cast the actors have managed to deliver polished performances. Motta Rajendran is a relief after a long time. Redin Kingsley, Munishkanth and the rest do their bits well.

Cinematography by Dipak Kumar is good. Music by Thamizh Kumaran is inconsistent in parts. Srikanth’s editing helps. Dialogues work and direction is fine.
DD RETURNS is a decent comic caper !!



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