Darling 2 Movie Reviews

darling 2Its “Ghostive” season in the Tamil Film Industry and the influx of horror movies every week is ample proof for it. Success of a few movies in this genre means many directors have jumped on to the “horror” bandwagon looking forward to encash it. Though only a few have succeeded at the bigger stage the trend seems to continue.

Darling 2 has no connect to its predecessor “Darling” which was a decent hit. The story begins interestingly but soon after meanders aimlessly with little action on the horror front. This supposedly true story more resembles a drama and its attempts at drawing out laughter at some places falls flat. The “scares” are far and few and has little impact. Most of the scenes seem thrust and takes a toll on the viewer.

The actors are OK. The cinematography good, music is average and the direction could have been a lot better. On the whole “Darling 2” is no winner..


By Shreesha B.U

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