CONJURING KANNAPPAN is a horror comedy film written and directed by Selvin Xavier for AGS Entertainment.

Horror comedies did take a break from Tamil Film Cinema and yet they do appear every season despite many that have bitten the dust. The typical lazy setting this genre feeds itself on it takes a little time before the horror mode is revealed. Like the recent horror movies the friendly ghosts concept makes its presence felt here. The screenplay is tardy despite having a plot that is quite different from the usual films before. But the writing is so pathetic and the humour so bad that the film lets go a decent plot go wasted. After a wasted first half it is only in the second half that the movie gets to the meat and here it does fairly better compared to the insipid proceedings thus far. The climax is a no brainer and the film ends was one would expect.

Satish doesn’t quite make it and is a letdown. Reggina looks like a pop singer and does nothing interesting. Anand Raj, Kingsley. VTV Ganesh do not evoke any humour. Saranya is boring.

Cinematography by Yuva is OK. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is normal. Dialogues are below average. Editing is OK. Direction is standard.

CONJURING KANNAPPAN is a below average fare..


B.U. Shreesha

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