Captain Miller is a 2024 Indian Tamil-language action adventure film directed by Arun Matheswaran, and produced by Sathya Jyothi Films. This the first film of a planned trilogy.

Dhanush’s choice of films have been intriguing to say the least. He has comfortably hopped roles that require intensity and with the same ease has gone on to do roles that are untailored and entertaining. CM isn’t anything that he has not done unless we take the period this film is set in into contemplation. CM doesn’t waste time and in a few minutes the stage is set, the characters defined, the underlying message dealt with, while the woke narrative is cleverly camouflaged under the flimsy canvas of freedom. Despite everything set for a rollicking ride, the film stays put, bolted to the ground that it is rooted in and hardly moves further, though a hundred bullets gets sprayed and tens of bodies fall every fifteen minutes. The characters do not delineate themselves well and the incessant ideological shifts with a blank face do not help. After sometime the film feels forced with nothing to offer but blood and gore. Yes, the repeated messaging that borders on left wokeism makes its constant presence felt, while the casteist curl to a freedom struggle looks largely indulgent and like all films feels thoroughly prejudiced, like always scratching the itch and doing nothing more. The length of the film is a downer too, while the drama is ineffective as it gets drowned in the deluge of fireworks.

Dhanush scores in a few scenes, but otherwise is his usual self. Shivaraj Kumar in a short role is OK. Priyanka Mohan is neat. Jayaprakash and Kokkan look and sound dumb. Elango Kumaravel is good.

Cinematographer Siddhartha Nuni’s work is commendable. GV Prakash’s background is on a racy note all through and as his customary style loud in parts. Nagooran Ramachandran’s editing could have been a tad tight. Dialogues are standard while AM’s direction sticks to his template.

CAPTAIN MILLER is a loaded ship that capsizes on its own!!



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