BOOMER UNCLE is a comedy caper written and directed by Swadees. The film is produced by Anka Media.

The film begins with a challenge to the viewer asking them to look for logic in the film. If that was any indication the viewers should have walked out of the theatre the very moment, but then the tickets have already been bought. So the viewer has to sit through the ignominy of their sensibilities for a little under two hours( thankfully). There is not a scene that amuses or a period that can be entertaining. The film has the audacity towards the end to talk about a sequel.

Yogi Babu has done this role for the only obvious reason. Sona Helden sits through the movie. Oviya dances and fights in a silly role. The comedians in MS Bhaskar, Robo Shankar and others are cringe.

With the budgets spent mostly on the artistes in the film, the film suffers from below average production design. Cinematography is average while the songs and music surprisingly work. Dialogues are substandard and direction is amateurish.

BOOMER UNCLE is a waste of time !


B.U. Shreesha

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