BIRTHMARK is a mystery thriller that is written and directed by Vikram Shreedharan. Sriram Sivaraman is the producer and co writer for the film.

The film doesn’t waste much time as it dives into the proceedings straight away. The viewer is given an insight into the film’s plot without wasting much time. Serene settings, tense atmosphere, limited characters and a baby about to deliver is enough for the proceedings to get intense. The film is divided into four chapters with titles, and that can be conveniently ignored. One wonders what the idea was behind that. The travel is neat as the screenplay progresses interestingly until it gets time to disentangle the plot. This is where the film gets messed up. While the character reasoning comes into play, the writing seems all over the place and the convenience in convincing the audience feels farfetched. The dots do not connect, and a rushed yet laboured climax gives a dissatisfied feel towards the end.

What holds the film’s interest is the terrific performances of its lead pair. Shabeer Kallarakal keeps getting better with every movie and he aces this role. Mirnaa is not far behind and she shines in her role. The rest are persuasive too.
Udhay Thangavel’s cinematography is neat and fitting. Vishal Chandrashekar’s background score sits well with the proceedings. Iniyavan Pandian keeps it simple and tidy with his editing. Dialogues are good and direction is fine.

BIRTHMARK is a good watch, if you can ignore the way it ends..



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