Writer director Nelson is on a roll. After the very successful DOCTOR with Siva Karthikeyan he teams up with Vijay for BEAST and had his next with Rajinikanth. BEAST is produced by Sun Pictures.

Nelson like most filmmakers in TFI has a format of his own that he is comfortable with and strictly adheres to, but in BEAST he tries to add action and ends up a disaster. The over the top action scene at the beginning is a clear indication of the absurdity that is to follow and Nelson and his team don’t disappoint. The first half is a tiring trash while the second half offers no respite and continues relentlessly in it’s effort to be worse than the the first half. The terrorists are goofier than cartoons in a cartoon channel. The action parts are derisory and culminates in a climax that tops all the balderdash that was witnessed thus far.

Vijay is plastic in his wooden expressions save for some dance moves. Pooja Hegde looks dumb. Selvaraghavan does his bit to convince audience that this is a serious film. The comedians end up making fools of themselves..

Manoj Paramhamsa’s cinematography is good. Anirudh tries his best to cheer the scenes and has two chartbusters to help. Nirmal’s editing is very average. Dialogues are standard and direction substandard.

BEAST is strictly for the ones who have time and money to WASTE..



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