AVAL PEYAR RAJINI is a mystery thriller produced by Navarasa Films. The film is written and directed by Vinil Scariah Verghese.

The film doesn’t waste much time and gets to business straightaway. As the film progresses you can feel the sense of inquisitiveness in the proceedings and despite a lot of doubts thrown on purpose into the minds of the audience, it becomes obvious slowly. The regular flashback doesn’t surprise the viewer and post the reveal there is nothing described about the MO of the event. Lengthy climax and the way the police more or less playing the subdued role isn’t convincing. But to be fair, the film manages to inform and does not preach though a few unanswered questions remain. The Rajini connect is interesting and new without being the usual mimicry or spoof.

Kalidas Jayaraman is neat. Namitha Pramod and Rebeca are good. Karunakaran does his bit.

RR Vishnu’s cinematography elevates the scenes and adds the necessary tension. 4 Musics’ s background score is effective. Editing by Deepu Joseph is tight. Dialogues are good and direction is fine.

AVAL PEYAR RAJINI is a decent effort ..



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