Build Up is a 2023 Tamil comedy drama written and directed by Kalyaan

What can you write a movie that is cringe right from the first scene? There is no hope at all in sight right from the first few minutes. It is not even downhill, the film is as good as the dead body that the film has its plot centered on. The least said about the comedy that is supposed to be the highlight of the film. It is cringe to say the least. It makes you wince and annoys you no end. There is the usual Rajini – Kamal rivalry that these retro films tries to bank on, but they always fail to provide any ingenuity.

Santhanam is lame. There are a horde of comedy actors who are crass. KS Ravikumar ( surprisingly) Mansoor Ali Khan and Anandraj.
Jacob Rathniraj’s cinematography is average. Background score by Ghibran is louder than the characters. Editing is dumb. Dialogues are embarrassing and direction dull.

80’s BUILDUP to be avoided at all costs anywhere !



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