Grand Launch of Nakshatra Enclave & followed by fashion Show curated by Karun Raman with Actress Lakshmi Devy

Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself, that is why we bring to you the launch of Nakshatra Enclave , spacious villas to unwind , relax and get away from the city noise and humdrum, the villas are located on Ecr in Chennai ,we bring to you more surprises with our luxury resorts and villas that will be launched soon after the new year.

The launch event of Nakshatra Enclave is happened at Chennai’s most loved resto bar Radio Room,the highlight of this event is a colourful and glamorous fashion show curated by our loved and celebrated fashion choreographer Karun Raman ,we have two sequences for the event , one is resort wear and the other is evening gowns to show how versatile a venue can get with its ambience and aura , actress Lakshmi Devy from New York will be the emcee for this prestigious event and spread the joy of a peaceful and relaxing stay at Nakshatra enclave.

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