Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam Written & Directed By Mani Karthi

Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam is a crime psychological thriller. One of the crime scene turns out to be intriguing for the cop Mathivaanan which links to the series of previous murders with same pattern in the town. Further probing leads him into psychological distress before he gets his eyes on the devil for the intelligent battle. Thadayam deals with a thorough case study of a particular crime scene. A typical crime scene doesn’t get anywhere without evidence, but the crime scene in thadayam has all the evidence but leads nowhere. Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam is a slow-burning atmospheric thriller set in the backdrops of Kodaikanal foggy climate. In tamil, there is no any crime investigtion explored in detail yet, Thadayam will definitely fulfil the space in the genre. Further episodes of Thadayam will deal with different crime scenes with intense twists and turns.

Thadayam has Linga playing the full length Cop role as protagonist. Linga played prominent roles in Penguin, Sindubad, Sethupathy, etc.

Camera is handled by Sukumaran Sundar of Goko Mako, Intha Nilai Maarum and Pothanoor Thabal Nilayam (Yet to be released).

Music composed by Jones Rupert Niranjan. He previous film is ‘Poriyaalan’.

Edited by Vijay Andrews. His previous film is ‘En Peyar Aanandhan’.

Sound Design done by Arun Kanthu of InfoPluto Media.

Cast & Crew :

Linga                          AS            Mathivaanan

Vijay anand TR        As            DR.Vikram

karthikeyan ayyachamy          As            Karthikeyan

Raja Pazhanivel                As            Raja Pazhanivel

Suresh P.T                     As            Mystery Man

Venkatesh G                    As             Venkatesh G

Maheswaran E                   As            Maheshwaran

Kalangal Dinesh                As             Pazhani

Mohanpradeep                   As              MOhan

Sethupathi                     As             Mathu

Production Executive:

Rajesh Thobias

Associate Director:

Mohan Pradeep

Assistant Director:

Thiyagesh ramalingam

vicky vinayak

Sound Design:

Arun Kanth , Info pluto media


MS jones rupert niranjan


Vijay Anand TR


Anil Krish 

DI Studio:

Pixelite Studio



Poster Designs:

Kowsik Chandran


Karthik Lee

Karthick Anbu ( Paintings )


Vijay Andrews 


Sukumaran Sundar

Written & Directed By:

Mani Karthi