Digital makeover for Jayalalithaa flick

suryagandhijayaJayalalithaa-Muthuraman starrer 1973 super hit movie ‘Suryagandhi’ is all set to be digitised and re-released across Tamil Nadu. The film won her Tamil Nadu government’s best actress, it may be recalled.

Directed by Muktha Srinivasan, the film revolves around the relationship between a husband and his wife, holds relevance even today. Hence, it is being digitised, sources said.

Savithri, Cho Ramaswamy, Moulee, CID Shakuntala and Manorama have played key roles in ‘Suryagandhi’, which had music by M S Viswanathan. The film was produced by M Venu Gopal.

Here goes the plot: Mohan (Muthuraman) is the eldest son in a middle-class family, having superior complex that he should be first in every thing. He and Radha (Jayalalitha) fall in love. They get married. Mohan works in a low wage job which is insufficient for the family.

So, Radha decides to join as sales officer and start working in a company. Her hard work earns her good name and promotion in job. So, her respect in family rises as it improves the economic status of the family and she is able to fulfill the needs and wants of the family. Mohan is intolerable seeing Radha’s respect growing, he starts hating her.

Then, Radha decides on Mohan’s sister Suseela’s wedding. Mohan decides to earn a lot of money by hook or by crook to take revenge on Radha. He earns money by modelling and then makes Radha step out of their home. Suseela’s marriage is about to stop. Whether Radha succeeded in conducting her marriage or not reveals the crux of the story.