One name defined Vivegam even before the release and everything about the movie revolved around him. Ajith Kumar and it is his third venture with Siva. After a successful outing in Veeram and Vedhalam this one more V title has already been called as a hit prior to its release. The confidence of Ajith in Siva is so much that he has already signed Siva up for his next film and that would be the 4th in a row.

For starters this supposedly “Spy-thriller” has the brains of a school kid playing his favourite video game. The movie is set on a lavish scale and budget that is flossy and this helps the viewers overlook most of its missing logic. The story fits the description of a B grade Hollywood film that is propped with some of the fanciest gizmos and few of the most outrageous futuristic technological concepts. The screenplay is a pain when there is no action and the script is without any bias. The story unfolds across Europe’s less fancy destinations for no rhyme or reason. Who are they? what are they? why are they there? where are the normal people in the movie? You never get the answers to these. The hype does not help in the absence of a strong plot.

Ajith Kumar, is the backbone of the film and well this is easily the film he has worked hard the most. Was it worth it? That shall remain a question. But had he too given up, this movie would have just vanished. Ajith puts in a lot of effort and honesty in his performance. Kajal Agarwal too comes up with a nice little performance and the same with Akshara in a fleeting role. Vivek Oberoi is in a “ham on” role with very little to do in a template character. The others make up the numbers.

Technically Vivegam stands out, exotic locales, brilliant cinematography by Vetri, high octane stunt sequences and chases as well as the graphics manage to make the cut, though not brilliant. Anirudh too delivers with his music. Editing is just OK. Dialogues are sadly forced at many places and direction by Siva should have been a lot more responsible.

Vivegam is Siva’s fan boy film. Sadly the writing takes a back seat while hero worship takes the driver seat and that sadly that almost crashes the film.

Vivegam could please AK’s hard core fans… For the rest there is “Happy Vinayaga Chathurthi” !!!