VIP – 2 comes on the heels of the monster hit VIP 1 that set the box office on fire. VIP 2 comes with a few changes in the crew as well.

The story of VIP 2 is no great shakes, not that the part one was any better, but the treatment carried it through to success. VIP 2 majorly suffers from shallow scripting and weak writing. The much touted conflict between Kajol and Dhanush falls flat. The movie moves on a very predictable “auto” mode right from the beginning and there are hardly any moments that surprise the viewers. Comedy relief is through Vivek and helps the movie partly.

Dhanush is cool in this oft repeated role but perhaps he “overdid” this role in this movie. Kajol, is best dressed, carries swag and is mostly passable in a poorly etched role. Samuthrakanni is efficient while the others get lost in the melee and yes there is Amala Paul too who plays the wife of Dhanush.

VIP -2 ‘s greatest loss should surely be the absence of Anirudh.. It’s his theme that sets the pulse racing and though it has been often used, Sean’s BG score is not praise worthy. The songs are OK, while editing by Prasanna is neat. Sameer handles the cinematography and is good, dialogues by Dhanush sprayed with Thirukural works well. Direction by Soundarya Rajinikanth is average.

VIP 2 might be an intended franchise, but if there is a part 3, the first one to be on board should be Anirudh and then, well have a better script for sure, for this did not work.

VIP 2 –  Velai ilathavarkalluku !