VIKRAM VEDHA was one of the highly anticipated movies of this year more because two acting powerhouses in the form of Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi were playing the lead roles. Kollywood for “egoistic” reasons has always in the recent times refrained from churning out multi starrers. This has meant that story writers who have multiple strong characters in their stronger stories have not been able to realize their dreams and they end up creating solo hero subjects that the audiences are tired of watching.

VV is a blessing because it boasts of two strong characters and two vintage performers. The story Is smartly scripted and for those who understand the underlying theme of Vikram Baital would be able to appreciate much better. The amount of hard work and detailing put into the scripting is very evident right from the titling itself. A lot of smart work and intellect too is peppered in the screenplay with idiosyncrasies strewn sufficiently for the trained eyes. The story is not something that you have not seen but it is the way the story has been crafted and the brilliance in it creating a “bombastic” impact without the presence of a superstar that makes VV a winner all the way. There are a few glitches that can be comfortably overlooked in the larger wonder of the movie.

Madhavan is cool and suave and is literally a breeze in the film, while Vijay Sethupathi rocks with his scintillating performance. The best thing about VV is that the dual scenes are plenty and provide a feast for the audience with their fantastic acting talent. They rarely go overboard and stick to their roles carved out for them in cruise mode. Shraddha Sainath and Varalakshmi are aptly cast and though not in lengthy roles, they do their bit well.

Cinematography by Vinod is top notch and captures the mood brilliantly with wonderful use of tones. Background by Sam is good while the songs sound more intrusive. The art department has worked well while editing by Richard Kevin hits the mark with his cuts. Dialogues are very good while direction by the duo is top rate.

Vikram Vedha is arguably the best movie to come out of Kollywood in recent times; it comes as a welcome relief in the spate of some “bad” movies that Kollywood churns out week after week. It is intense and Pushkar – Gayathri duo deserves as much or if possible more credit than the fantastic Madhavan – Vijay Sethupathi duo.

VV is shrewd, intense and a fantastic watch. Go for it !!!



B.U. Shreesha