Directed by Vivek Elangovan VELLAI POOKAL is produced by Indus Creations and has Vivekh as the lead actor.

This film is a murder mystery set in the US that takes on a few more things than murder and social messages. The screenplay tries to imbibe the western style but at the same time keeps sticks to Kollywood flair for some entertainment and drama.

The advantage of VP is its treatment that comes across as a little new. There are subtle undercurrents that keep the movie afloat, though the main content and the logic is found wanting at some places. The forced red herrings in the beginning give us a clear idea about the culprit in waiting.

Vivekh as the cop is decent but too much of him is tiring in the movie. Vivekh literally speaks to every character in the film and is overbearing when you step out. It is the women in the form of Paige Henderson and Pooja Devariya who deliver good performances. Paige in particular is noteworthy. Charlie does what he knows and does the best.

Jerald Peter has a nice locale to exhibit his talent and does his bit in the cinematography front. Ramgopal’s music is pretty average. Praveen’s editing is decent while dialogues are standard. Vivek Elangovan’s direction for a first timer is satisfactory.

VELLAI POOKAL is a decent first time attempt