Kollywood boasts of some very famous partnerships that assure guaranteed entertainment to the moviegoers. Vetrimaran + Dhanush combo too is one such alliance. Vada Chennai has been in the news for too long with both claiming it to be one of their best.

VC takes time to build its premise, showcasing realism, you wonder if it’s a prison documentary, and then Vetrimaran slowly but surely quickens its pace. You have a deluge of characters pouncing on each other and also an interventional romance to slow the action frenzy. The plots override each other with so many characters that it takes concentrated attention to understand the forced ongoing despite its predictability. What works for VC is its rawness and its rustic flavor coupled with convincing performance that makes the happening on the screen so plausible and ignore the frequent niggles. Pre climax and climax is actually a dampener in an otherwise engaging screenplay and a snug narration.

Dhanush is a breeze in these kind of roles and he goes through the motions effortlessly, but then is it one his best performances? Well, no, blame the characterization partly. Aishwarya Rajesh and Andrea are decent in their roles. Ameer in a very important role does his bit, but does not quite generate the required impact. Samuthrakanni, Daniel Balaji, Kishore, Radha Ravi with a countless more do what is expected out of them with none standing out.

Velraj’s cinematography is top notch and helps the director in crafting the scenes so very authentically. Sonthosh Narayan showcases good form behind the scenes and songs suit the premise. Jacki the art director deserves accolade for transporting the audience to the mid 80’s so realistically. GB Venkatesh would have had a tough time and kudos to him for editing this film credibly. Dialogues are good. Vetriman’s efficiency in direction is laudable.

VADA CHENNAI works well on many factors, supposedly a trilogy, it has begun quite well, though not to the expectations it had raised. Vetrimaran showcases his splendid talent in handling a complex subject as this and his brilliance in man management. More is expected out of VC’s next installments.