Ulkuthu Movie Review

Caarthik Raju writes and directs this film that has Dinesh in the lead role. Produced by Vittal Kumar and Subashini Devi this movie was long delayed before hitting the screens.

Ulkuthu to begin with is a routine revenge saga that the audience must have seen a number of times. But what makes it watchable is the way a routine drama is executed differently with twists and turns that though predictable comes even before you expect. This tease is what keeps the movie float coupled with the strongly choreographed action scenes. Though you do feel Dinesh does not do justice in the action scenes they are very well choreographed.

Dinesh as the stone faced hero looks OK only in parts but is a letdown when the scenes are demanding. Nandita has very little to do and does her job. Bala Saravanan is OK while John Vijay does not do anything different than what he has been doing . Chaaya Singh is effective in a brief role.

Cinematography by PK Varma is inconsistent while Justin Prabhakaran scores in the music department especially in the back ground score. Editing by Praveen is decent and dialogues are standard. Direction is above average.

ULKUTHU has an interesting title but fails to do justice and yet is a onetime watch.