This movie has been publicized as a movie that is screened to benefit the farmers and the proceeds of which will be provided to the farmers directly. How will they do it? We got no answers to it.

This is a movie by debutants with a sparse few known actors. The story is as old as the mountains and the sentiment in the story has been viewed over a million times. The rawness of the movie is the only appeal and the actors in Durai Sudhakar and Dona play the lead roles and are barely effective. The support cast is a little better.

Music by Palani Balu is loud and brash while the writing and direction is by Mujibur that is very amateurish. Camera work is OK while the dialogues do not impress

On the whole Thappattam though for a good cause does not make any impression. A better script or a better way to help the farmers would have been wiser.