Inder Kumar produces this film that has Arun Vijay in the lead and is written and directed by Magizh Thirumeni.

Arun Vijay brings to the screen a certain guarantee in terms of quality and satisfaction and of late it is rare that he has slipped. A film that is supposedly based on real events provides the twists and turns that you expect in such a film. It is not that the film is without flaws, but then every time you feel a lull the writer manages to intrigue the viewer immediately. The second half picks pace gradually and the last 30 minutes is where the film really scores.

Arun Vijay is an underrated actor but every now and then he comes out and delivers real good performances and he does not disappoint here as well. Vidya Pradeep too impresses. Tanya Hope and the rest of the cast are decent too.

Gopinath’s cinematography keeps the viewer glued with some smart shots. Arun Raj works had with his background score and comes out OK at a few places. Srikanth’s editing is good while dialogues work well. Direction by Thirumeni is a winner.

THADAM is an intriguing thriller.. Go for it.