M.C. Kalaimaman and Lakshmi Kalaimaman produce this flick that is written and directed by Yuvaraj Subramani.

The hackneyed story of Taana is peppered with Kollywood’s fancy for health syndromes. To Kollywood’s credit they seem to find innovative maladies that don’t just affect the characters in the film, but in turn affect the viewers too. There is nothing even remotely interesting in this film that makes for a painful watch. Even the purported comedy has been done to death and offers no relief.

Vaibhav is strangely off colour in this film and his role too offers nothing exciting. Nandita Sweta follows the hero unto the climax of the film. Yogi Babu produces one more of his umpteenth ditto performances. Pandiarajan is OK.

Technically the film is under made. Vishal Chandrashekar is the one who has tried something in the music department. Cinematography is underwhelming and so is the editing. The dialogues are weak and direction substandard.

TAANA is that kind of a film despite a decent cast makes no impression.