This much hyped “Spy” thriller bi-lingual hit the screen worldwide amidst great expectations because of the coming together of two of the hottest properties in South Indian Cinema, Mahesh Babu and AR Murugadoss. This movie perhaps can pave the way for actors and technicians collaborating across the borders thereby creating a bigger market for South movies.

At the outset, the drawback of ARM’s movies is the “slog” overs where he literally tries to slog every ball out of the park and “runs out” the logic . Spyder is no different, after a decent start and a good middle order partnership the movie goes downhill like the rock in the movie crushing all the good work done till then. For starters, this is no spy film and wonder where the idea came from, was it because of the coolness of the name or whatever silly sense, you do not need intellect, not to call this movie a spy thriller. At the same time Spyder has a very strong plot and an interesting and daring motive, unfortunately ARM fails to capitalize on it. The characterization is not as strong, despite having terrific potential to showcase madman vs an introvert tussle and this affects the script resulting in a less than gripping screenplay. Spyder has most of it going till the end of first half and then it loses steam towards the last 30 minutes.

Mahesh Babu underplays his role as he always does, but unfortunately he looks a bit cold and starched. Rakul Preet Singh as his love interest does her job. As expected it is SJ Suryah who takes credit for being menacing as the villain. He comes out trumps and this movie will open the floodgates for the newest villain in town. Others are OK but RJ Balaji is a complete misfit in his role.

Technically too the movie is underwhelming. Cinematography by Santhosh Sivan is good but is let down by some cheap VFX. Background score is very good but songs by Harris Jeyaraj are pedestrian. Dialogues are decent and direction by ARM showcases his pedigree.

Spyder had everything to be the best of ARM’s movies, it no doubt is smart as long as it could last, with some interesting scenes too but it ends 30 minutes late and it is those 30 minutes that this spyder spins a cobweb that is just dirt and dust.