Director Vijay Chandra returns with Vikram for Sketch after his last outing “Vaalu” with Simbu. Moving Frames produces this movie and is distributed by Thanu’s V Creations.

It does not take long for you to realize where this “Sketchy” movie is heading. A pathetic amalgamation of Vikram’s previous hits and it is not just the screenplay; even Vikram’s body language is a sorry recall of his past glory. Sadly, even that does not help and the movie shows no sign of revival for the entire duration and the “messaged” climax is the funniest moment in the film. The movie does not justify itself as a commercial masala as it hardly entertains and is mostly boring.

Vikram sways, swags and tries to ooze charm but unfortunately save for a very moments is a tiring watch. It is time Vikram went back to his drawing board and carve a newer version of himself that he is quite capable of. Right now it is a pain to watch him on screen. Tamannah is in a silly “white” role that is dull and drab as a mannequin. A lot of villains and a few sidekicks still do not pass muster.

Sukumar, the cinematographer plays it simple while Thaman, the music director churns out unimpressive songs that are hardly worth remembering. The theme music while Vikram is on screen is the saving grace. Editing by Ruben is largely incoherent and makes the movie a more tedious watch. Dialogues are plain while direction is substandard.

If you thought Vikram’s Rajapettai was his worst, try this…