Abhishek Films produce this film that is written and directed by Sasi, whose last film Pichaikaran was a roaring success.

The story of SMP is a safe bet, a simple story that has all the paraphernalia of relationships and like most Tamil films of this genre, an optimistic bet at the box office. So what if the story is predictable as the yellow in our sambar, so what if the screenplay is as melodramatic as the slow mo in our serials, so what if the villain in the film comes out of nowhere only to employ the action choreographer, so what if some of the social impact messages are funnier than the comedy in the film and yet the film works. There are some pretty interesting parts that appeal to all segments and then there are some that work with a particular crowd. On the downside the film could have been much better had it been tightly written, had the VFX been better and the skewed climax been not so agonizingly irksome.

A beefed up Siddharth goes about his job effortlessly in a role of more substance. GV Prakash’s passed the only requirements for his role, age and size in an otherwise weak part compared to Siddharth. Lijomol is the surprise of the lot and delivers the goods. Kashmira reminds us of her existence every now and then. GVP’s aunt comes out with a fine performance as well.

Prassanna Kumar’s cinematography is effective though he receives less support from the VFX team. Siddu’s BGM works well and the songs are OK listen. San Lokesh’s editing could have been crisper. Dialogues are strangely inconsistent. Direction by Sasi is standard.

SIVAPPU MANJAL PACHAI is the kind of movie that would do you no harm for a one time watch, only if you feel “So what”?