P. Vasu perhaps should take the credit for introducing the “horror” genre to Kollywood after a long undue break with his thunderous “Chandramukhi” that had Rajinikanth playing the lead role. Chandramukhi remake of P.Vasu’s Kannada movie which in turn was a remake of a Malayalam film had a sequel there in Kannada and went on to be a huge success. Since then P.Vasu has firmly established himself as a successful director in Sandalwood. Quite recently he tasted success again with Shivalinga which is now remade and released in Tamil with the same name. Lawrence is a famous name with his horror antics and the two together should set the screen on fire

The script has nothing new and P.Vasu cleverly tries to integrate various done to death ideas in his script. The result is a murder mystery laced with horror. It is the screenplay that suffers with some pretty ordinary ideas and lame execution. It is the comedy with the likely return of Vadivelu that should manage to draw the audience to the theatres, otherwise Shivalinga has nothing new nor thrilling to offer its viewers.

Lawrence is in his usual form, he dances, fights and mouths dialogues like he always does and sadly he forgets that he is playing the role of a CBCID officer. He more walks around like a mass commercial hero(more like Superstar). Ritika unfortunately fails to connect neither as the heroine nor as the ghost. Vadivelu makes a confident return but still is not in full form. The others including Shakti do their parts.

Cinematography is by Sarvesh and borders on being decent, while the re recording matches Lawrence’s antics and falls short of being good. Thaman with his songs churns out typical commercial fare that might please a few. Dialogues are standard and editing decent. P.Vasu is credited to be the director but after the movie you would wonder if he did really direct as it has the stamp of Lawrence all through.

SHIVALINGA – Siva siva !!