Nakul is back after his last not so good outing in this film that is directed by Raj BABU and written by Rajesh and Vignesh. Sei is produced by Tippy Turtle Productions.

The story of Sei is nothing new, and even the character of Nakul is similar to the ones he has played before. Yet Sei should have worked because of its not so bad story line. It is the execution and the lifeless narration despite being loud and over the top that mars the proceedings. Characters come and go without any impact despite having some heavyweights. There are some scenes and songs for obvious reasons that doesn’t help either.

Nakul is template material with hardly anything new to do. Aanchal Munjal does what most heroine do these days. Nassar and Pakashraj come and deliver without any impact.

The cinematographer Vijay Ulaganathan makes Sei barely watchable. He gets help from Lopez in the music department. Dialogues are plain. Editing awry and direction messy.

SEI on the whole does not do anything !