Rajeev Menon who illuminated the cinema screens almost two decades back returns with this film on board with ARR. The two created quite a sensation with their previous two associations. Mindscreen Film Institute produces this film.

The story of STM is nothing new and is quite easy. It has a preachy subject and enough to talk and write about and hence the script moves on without any major surprises. And when it does try to surprise you by bringing in a new twist is when the movie tumbles. The characters could have been well etched and the viewer might feel disconnected at times. The screenplay could have been tighter and intense.

GV Prakash plays his part like he usually does. He does not bring anything new to the table and there are moments when he is found wanting. Aparna is aptly cast while Nedumudi Venu’s performance is what you expect in such films. DD plays her role as herself with ease.

Ravi Yadav’s cinematography is subtle and this is a surprise unlike Menon’s earlier films. Music by ARR is good and movie worthy. Dialogues are decent and the film is neatly edited. Direction by Rajeev Menon is OK.

SARVAM THALA MAYAM is a neat entertainer but then could it have been much better?