Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen Movie Review

Ezhil uses the tile of the popular dialogue in the Rajinikanth blockbuster “Chandramukhi” as its title and banks on Udaynidhi’s recent luck run to carry through the film. Is that all you need?

Honestly there is nothing worthwhile to write about the plot or the story of the film. The flimsy plot has a even flimsier narrative and annoying scenes that make you squirm in your seats. Even the short duration of the movie does not help and makes you feel that you have been tortured longer than necessary. It is a lot surprising considering Ezhil’s previous work and his capacity to churn out decent funny moments in an insipid script.

Udaynidhi Stalin has the same expression not just throughout this movie but he continues with the same expression from his earlier movies and looks like he will do so for many more. What is shocking is that in this movie he sports the same look even in flashback scenes, not to forget his standard expression. It is Regina Cassandra who dwarfs everyone with her imposing personality and commanding performance. Soori tries his best but his one liners and his comedy falls flat, the same with the rest of the louder than loud cast.

Fortunately the movie works to an extent because of its very decent production design. Cinematography for a movie such as this is good by Venkatesh while Imam repackages his earlier compositions in the music department. Editor lets down the movie with a lot of generosity while the dialogues fail most of the time. Direction by Ezhil is standard.

SARAVANAN IRUKKA BAYAM YEN is loud, boring and ridiculous.