Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

After a long hiatus the horror genre is back in Kollywood and in this film the kids take centre stage that is supposedly its USP.

The writer takes no special effort to cook up something different despite the presence of kids and sanguchakkram faithfully sticks to the template Kollywood has been offering. With nothing new in neither the screenplay nor the script the usual charade plays on with the only difference being this time the kids do the tricks. Otherwise we are used to the same routine with very few scenes of ingenuity.

Nishesh plays his role very well while the rest of the kids are OK in this fun for all movie. The adults hardly make their presence felt in this weak script.
Cinematography by Ravi Kannan is OK. Edited by Vijay Velkutty, the movie is just 2 hours long and yet it feels a little drag. Music by Shabir is quite decent while dialogues are average. Direction by Maarison is ordinary.

Sanguchakkram might satisfy kids to some extent and that is it.