Ratchasan is a pyshcological thriller from Ramkumar of “Mundaspatti” fame. Dilli Babu and Sridhar produce this film for Axess Film Factory.

Ratchasan starts off interestingly and because of the trailer you kind of get to know where it is heading and the hero’s imminent choice. As the story sets in, the pace slowly picks up. The romance, fortunately does not waste too much of the film’s time. The film settles well, but sadly pretends to be a one man show with a few officers and scenes that are just about average in intelligence. There are no leads for the audience to guess and there are no red herrings too. The script is plain and we are left to follow the routine on screen. The screenplay oscillates from being naïve to being decent. A few lows in between and then it is the climax that manages to breathe some fire.

Vishnu does a decent and honest job. Amala Paul is OK in a role that makes no sense for major part of the film. The rest of the cast including Nizhalgal Ravi and Radha Ravi in a small role are rudimentary. 

Shankar as the cinematographer has done his bit to create an impact. Ghibran’s background score is effective in adding to the tension. Songs are OK. Editing by San Lokesh is decent. Dialogues are good while direction by Ramkumar is encouraging.

Ramkumar has done quite a bit of research in presenting information but sadly does not use them in crafting a tighter script.