PP took a longer time to release than make, but the late release could work for it. Today Vijay Sethupathi enjoys an unprecedented popularity and this alone should bring in crowds to the theatre.

PP takes the cudgels on the issue of “privacy” and uses technology to showcase how the smallest of negligence can cause tremendous destruction.  A plain story with a painful screenplay does not make PP a real crime thriller. The movie for the most part of it projects itself as a romantic movie with no thrill. The suspense does not kill you because you do know it will not surprise you. The tame end and the contrived screenplay do not help. PP has a few moments that it can own but wish it was for the most part.

Vijay Sethupathi is young and dashing and does justice to his role. Gayathri could have done better than she has done. Others are OK in their small roles.

Cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan is good. Editing by Bavan sreekumar could have been better. The movie is lengthy for a small message. Sam is good in the back ground score while the songs are nothing much to write about. Dialogues are decent while direction by Ranjith Jeyakodi is fine.

Puriyadha Pudhir could have been better had it been tighter and smarter. The characters work but the screenplay and the lack of pace and thrill hampers the progress.