PP is Dhanush’s directorial debut, after impressing everyone in acting, play back singing, dialogue writing and even as a lyricist it has been a long wait for fans of his amazing talent to see what his creation on celluloid would look like. Power Pandi is the answer to it.

Dhanush could have tried a lot of things given his talent and exposure to various genres he has indulged himself in. It is appreciable that he decided to craft a family drama instead of a commercial masala. Though a very decent family drama, Dhanush the writer does not dive into its elements and prefers to skim the surface. The script lacks depth and more or less is a loose drama that talks about an elderly stuntman as its protagonist. The advantage of PP is it that it rarely moves out of its domain and faithfully sticks to a very normal narration loyal to the plot, and yet the drama that is reflected fails to inject any kind of sympathy or emotion.

Rajkiran should have been the apt choice, at least on paper, but it is a little disappointing to see him struggle to flesh out a good performance. It is Prasanna who in fact steals show with a very measured show that is very natural. Dhanush does his routine while Revathy in an extended cameo does what comes naturally to her. Chaya Singh after a long interval and Madonna Sebastin are quite OK.

Cinematography by Velraj is good while Sean Rolden is the hero of the film. SR with his background score manages to elevate ordinary scenes which otherwise would have fallen flat. Dialogues by Dhanush work well, though at times the amateurishness can be noticed. It is in the direction department that Dhanush comes out mostly flawed.

PP had all the potential to be a very good debut film from writer director Dhanush, but turns out a tad cold considering the wonderful talent that Dhanush possesses.