PARTNER is a comedy film that is written and directed by Manoj Damodharan. The film is produced by MS Loganathan.

PARTNER doesn’t take a lot of time to impress upon the viewers its crass style of comedy. The drab screenplay built on a nothing plot is annoying to sit through. The slapstick comedy is cringe and the double meanings can make the viewers squirm in their seat. There is nothing going for the movie despite boasting some decent actors. At a little over two hours the film is a real test of one’s endurance for pitiable fare.

Aadhi is back after a long time, but even he cannot save the movie with a deplorable character role written for him. Hansika does well despite being a surprise to act in such an awful role. Yogi Babu is bad after a decent role in Jailer.

The production is very basic and the cinematography is ordinary. Music by Sontosh Dhayanidhi is average. Dialogues are bad and direction sub standard.

PARTNER is a definite miss !



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