NOTA mostly got the pre buzz due to Vijay Devarakonda. VD has become the heart throb of South cinema and with a reputation to choose hits, it was a surprise for this romantic hero to cast himself in a political thriller. Produced by Studio Green NOTA is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu.

NOTA starts of with a blip, a silly song and then the movie takes a serious ride then on. What works with the film is it’s refusal to go “Mass”. It kind of is subtle, yet strikes the right notes. Despite having the potential to turn it into a commercial blast, the writer prefers to keep it as a simple and straight script, devoid of romance or action. The film has many references that the audience can relate to in the prevailing political climate, yet the digs are short and do not go over the top. There are flaws too, some loose ends, characters lost, an abrupt climax and a few under developed sub plots do not help the film. These affect in the movie being more gripping, instead the few lows hamper the interest.

Vijay plays his role effectively and he commendably carries off this subtle heroism. The women in the film have very little to do. Sathyaraj plays his templated role aptly. Nasser is good and has a meaty role. Bhaskar does his expected bit. 

Santhana Krishnan behind the camera does a neat job. Sam back ground score is very good but the songs are a drab. Editors Shanta Kumar and Raymond keep the script tight. Dialogues are a major let down for a film such as this. Direction by Anand Shankar is decent.

NOTA is film you lIke for not being the film it easily could have been, but then you wish it could have been what it truly aspired to be..