Nibunan is Arjun’ Sarja’s 150th movie and he has Arun Vaidyanathan who helms the movie for him. Consistency has been Arjun’s forte and he has in between very ordinary movies managed to surprise his fans and audience with some big power house performance in Gentleman, Mudhalvan, Rhythm so on. Will Nibunan too be ranked among them?

Considering that we know Arjun and his penchant for action as well as patriotic movies it does not take too long to understand the premise of the movie. This crime thriller is straight forward and sadly lacks any adventure. The sequential murder and its revelation towards the end fail to excite the audience and the predictability of the scenes as well as the script makes it a slow watch. There are moments very few that manage to perk up interest but does not sustain for long.  The put on sophistication and the overtly cool play is a put off.

Arjun is dashing as the cop but a sense of artificiality creeps in, Prasanna as the side kick is adequate, while Varalakshmi fails to impress in a silly role. Shradda Sainath is good as Arjun’s wife and others are decent..

Cinematography by Arvind Krishna is decent while music S Navin is average. The editing could have been better while the dialogues are OK. Direction by Arun is less competent.

Nibunan with an interesting idea should have been engaging but ends up like a lame duck.