After a string of hits Vikram Prabhu had to face a series of flops that has jolted his career and with this famed title “Neruppu da” he ventures into production as well, apart from playing the lead role.

The promotions of the movie spoke about the story being based on fire fighters and this looked a very new subject to deal with. The movie begins interestingly as well. The first few minutes embark on a racy manner and the audience gets deceived thereafter. The movie hardly talks about firefighters and takes on the template of friendship. An inconsequential romance thrown in and annoyance in the name of comedy, the movie gets so predictable. The suspense in the end fails to douse the irritation.

Vikram Prabhu does nothing new, he neither has improved nor has gone bad. Nikki Galrani reminds us now and then of her existence in the form of songs and their silly romance. The friends are OK in their roles. Mottai Rajendran continues to hurtle downhill with his unbearable comedy.

Cinematography by old hand Rajashekar is tight and good, while editing by Thiyagu could have been better. Music is by Sean Ronald. Songs are good and the background score is decent. Dialogues are very average and direction by Ashok Kumar is unimpressive.

Neruppu da suffers from identity crisis. There is fire only in the title otherwise it is ice cold. Vikram Prabhu’s ill fate continues.