Well if the title can generate interest this certainly did. But the disappointment was evident when the makers said it has nothing to do about the amazing actor. The movie is by written and directed by Mohammad Issack and produced by Rajendran M Rajan and Punitha Rajan.

Well, one more horror film and just that the backdrop is different in this. As the name suggests the makers decided to use the theatre as the means to generate horror. It should have been interesting with this exciting premise, but it is a mess up with unconvincing flashbacks and a cliché plot thereafter. The horror elements do not thrill and the comedy that is usually associated in such films too is weak. It takes a long for the viewer to conclude where the movie is heading too and by the time we do realize you know the outcome.

Aari is quite OK as the hero while Ashna Zaveri has very little to do in her “pop –up” role. Kaali Venkat is getting templated like the rest of the comedians in Kollywood and the others are average in their roles.
Nauzad the cinematographer plays it safe while Srikanth Deva under a new name “Srii” composes for this film. The background score is scarier than the scenes and you feel if it was wasted here. The songs don’t register. Editing by Devaraj is messed up and dialogues are OK. Direction is a very average effort.

NT could have been a decent film but is marred by amateurish writing. Lastly you wonder what the fuss was about the name. It could have been any name.