Mr. Chandramouli Movie Review

A few fights, some melodrama and some beautiful song locations; do just these ingredients make a good film? Sorry, but the answer is NO. ‘Mr Chandramouli’ sees the real life father-son duo Karthik and Gowtham Karthik play dad and son in reel life too.

First and foremost the storyline is way too weak. Right from how the hero and heroine, Gowtham Karthik (Raghav) and Regina Cassandra (Madhu) meet till how they fall in love in shown in a strange and totally unromantic way! 

The story is about Raghav who is a boxing champion and who’s game is sponsored by the GoCab CEO. It shows how in the corporate world competitors try to harm each other in a bid to stay at the top of their business.

For one of his matches, the GoCab CEO refuses to sponsor him and he eventually gets it from the cab’s competitor. After he wins the competition and comes home, Raghav’s dad decides to share something with him. But even before he does that the father-son meet with an accident and the father passes away and the son develops a medical condition.

Would Raghav ever know the truth of his father’s death and revenge the people who are responsible for it is what ‘Mr Chandramouli’ is all about.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar  also plays a role in the movie. The movie gets pointless after too many twists and turns. There are some parts in the movie that are illogical and left with loose ends.

The songs by Sam CS seem to be forcibly thrown into the movie and are very average. The movie is directed by Thiru under the Creative Entertainers banner.

Rating: 1/5

Divya Jay