MEESAYA MURUKKU is a Hip Hop Tamizha’s show produced by Sundar C. Having made news agitating for various issues HH Tamizha sets to score on the silver screen as he enjoys a huge following on the social media.

For a debut film HH Tamizha has plays it safe by choosing his own story that is diluted with a lot of fantasy as well as doctored fiction. The story from his school life to adult life is decently presented with a few interesting scenes. The screenplay manages to keep the viewers engaged though at times the monotony bugs you. The movie supposed to be inspiring fails to achieve it and lacks depth. It more or less remains an endless chatter with the focus drowned in it.

HH Tamizha as the actor too escapes with his honest acting, though as the school kid he looks out of sorts. Aathmika as his love interest does not impress in her skeletal role. Vivek is good in the role of a father while HHT’s friends manage to bring a few laughs here and there.

Technically MM does very well and is tad different too. Cinematography by Kruthi and Senthil is good while editing by Fenny Oliver is interesting. Music by HHT sticks to his template that sounds heard before while in the back ground score he scores decent. Dialogues are good while direction for a first timer is pretty decent.

MM could have been much better than what it has turned out to be and in ends up at the most as a promising effort.