Maniyaar Kudumbam Movie Review

‘Maniyaar Kudumbam’ is a movie that was probably made with an intention to promote entrepreneurship. Umapathy Ramaiah and Mrudula Murali play the male and female leads in the movie. Thambi Ramaiah (Maniyaar) who plays the hero’s father in the movie also has a prominent role. The movie is produced by Thenmozhi Sungra under the VU Films banner.

Kutty Maniyaar (Umapathy Ramaiah) is a guy who has no goals or ambitions in life and doesn’t even bother to go to work. His family also does not say anything or even object to this lifestyle of his since even his dad has been living like this all his life. His dad would have spent all their ancestral property on betting on horses and lost all of it. This is the main reason why Maniyaar’s brother-in-law (Magizhamboo’s dad) refuses to get his daughter married to Kutty Maniyaar.

However, Magizhamboo (Mrudula Murali) says no to a lot of people whom come asking for her hand and even says lies to her dad that they are not worth getting married to. She wants to get married only and only to Kutty Maniyaar since she loves him a lot. She encourages him and makes him get rid of his drinking habit and tells him to mend his ways to live a nice and fruitful life. She manages to convince him to set up a windmill and become an entrepreneur. Kutty Maniyaar and his family somehow manage to raise some money by funding from the villagers and taking the rest as loan from the bank and the government.

Things go bad when the money collected from the villagers is stolen. All the villagers start blaming the entire Maniyaar family for this and ask them to somehow return the money or go kill themselves! Who would have taken the money? Is this revenge taken by someone to bring a bad name to the Maniyaar family? Does the Maniyaar family get back the money and save their face? Does Kutty Maniyaar convince Magizhamboo’s dad that he is a good and worthy match for her?

The movie has a very weak and disappointing script! The dialogues in the movie are very cheesy and vulgar at many points. The humour factor is just too bad in the movie. The movie is in overall very lame and just not worth watching even once. The songs are penned by Thambi Rammaih and are below average.

One thing very commendable and fascinating in the movie is the photography. The Director of Photography PK Varma has done a really amazing job in the movie and the locations are very picturesque and fascinating. Inspector Nallavan (Samuthirakani) has a very small role in the movie, but has done a good job in the movie and Chella Kili (Mottai Rajendran) is good with his acting too! Sadly the talent of these actors has been wasted in this movie.

Rating: 1/5

Divya Jay