LKG is RJ Balaji’s debut film; he owes his popularity to Radio and his opinions on social media. He has written and acted in this film that is directed by Prabhu.

OK, as expected RJ tries to pull off a political satire but then he attempts it with a flimsy story that is predictable, never funny and not intriguing. Yet the film does manage to hold attention because of its engagement factor. The mock worthy references to politics and politicians is the only lifeline that this movie holds on to dearly. There are times when it goes overboard and a few occasions it does manage to impress. Yes there are “sermons” galore that don’t stick mostly because nothing is new in here. Even the messages it tries to convey is something that is already known and is on everyone’s mind.

The character LKG played by RJB has more of him than the character, so it becomes difficult to treat LKG as an individual character. Priya Anand has a very good role and does well. Refreshing to see Mayil samy in a character that is not silly and Nanjil Sampath has little to do in an ineffective role. Ramkumar Ganeshan is fine in his character as the chief minister.

Vidhu Ayyana is decent behind the camera. Leon James works well with the background score and average songs. Anthony’s editing is a major help. Dialogues are decent while direction by Prabhu is above average.

LKG does not offer much in terms of ingenuity; it ends up more as an amalgamation of the various posts and memes you have seen on social media. That might make it redundant on screen but then like typical comedies that don’t get stale for some, they would find this entertaining.