Lens Movie Review

Writer Director Jayaprakash happens to be a software professional working in the US who in his pursuit of becoming an actor failed and switched to making movies. With the help of a few friends and family he pulled out “Lens” which was then lapped by Vettrimaran who happened to like the movie. Lens is not a different film nor is it innovative but the strength of Lens lies in the fact that the movie hardly deviates from its focus and stays honest to it with very few digressions. The script relies more on dialogues and the lengthy dialogue ridden script still manages to engage the audience. The thrill factor and the suspense is softly built and the underlying tension of what can happen keeps the audience on tenterhooks though the narrative later, goes the conventional way.

Jayaprakash performs in the movie as well and he does a decent job, while it is Anand Sami who comes out with a convincing performance. Vinutha lal too does a decent job while the others support the lead cast well.

Technically Lens is helped by some very good work behind the scenes. The cinematography by Kathir and GV Prakash lends tremendous support in the background. The dialogues though lengthy and bi lingual still works well which is a rarity. The direction for a debutant is too good and his next offering would be eagerly awaited to prove that this is no flash in the pan.

LENS is a little preachy but rightly so, it talks about contentions issues on the internet and it deserves all the attention and a little introspection into the minds of its viewers.