Velainu Vandhutta Vellakaran is the movie that Vishnu Vishal is famous for. Yet again he produces this movie as well that is written and directed by Muruganandan.

It’s a purported comedy film and comedy films lack logic more than commercial masala films. This movie too takes that route where you do not understand why things happen the way they are on screen. Well for a few moments you do indulge in the rants ignoring the logic. Actually the premise of the movie is an entertaining one but the scripting as well as the screenplay botches it up completely so much so that it is a long labored nonsense.

Vishnu Vishal does not fit in the role and he makes the movie tougher to watch. Catherine tresa does not act and goes about playing the glam doll that rarely emotes. Soori is loud and not comic. Others in the cast are for reasons known only to them and do not add value to the script.

Cinematography by Laxman is OK while Sean Ronald behind the scenes tries to make them funnier than they actually are. Songs are average. Dialogues do not click while direction does not make an impression.

Kathanayagan very occasionally draws some laughs otherwise it is one long drawn yawn affair.