KANNAI NAMBATHEY crime thriller film written and directed by Mu. Maran. The film is produced by Lipi Cine Crafts.. 
The film makes a good impactful beginning. With a decent plot, the screenplay in its attempt to unravel takes a nose dive with some silly writing and contrived narrative. There are a lot of moments that feel déjà vu and periods despite being a thriller film entices a yawn. The underlying motive is the only thing that kept the film progressing until the first half. Post interval the mystery is as clear as the Chennai summer and even before the suspense is revealed the boredom sets in. The “science” twist is decent. Logical loopholes, comfort writing and average presentation pulls down a standard plot. 
Udhaynidhi Stalin, well what else can one expect. Prasanna too fails to impress. Srikanth saves it with his decent performance, while Bhumika is OK. Aathmika and Satish are disappointing. 
Jalandar Vasan’s cinematography is neat. Siddhu Kumar’s background score is noisy. San Lokesh’s editing is flawed. Dialogues are average and direction is subpar. 
KANNAI NAMBATHEY is worth a miss 
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